Our local economy is restorative and provides equal opportunity to all who live here. All Calgarians have meaningful jobs and earn an income that enables them to thrive and fully participate in their community.

100-year Goals and Targets

  • Economic well-being

    Calgary is a city with a vibrant, resilient, environmentally sound and sustainable economy that fosters opportunity for individual economic well-being.

    • Target 34
      By 2036, research and development intensity, both public and private, increases to five per cent of Calgary’s gross domestic product.
    • Target 35
      By 2036, the number of environmentally sustainable and commercially viable value-added products and technologies produced in Calgary increases by 100 per cent.
    • Target 36
      By 2036, Calgary’s non-oil-related industries grow by 50 per cent.
    • Target 37
      By 2036, Calgary is ranked as the most favourable Canadian city in which to establish businesses that support sustainability practices.
    • Target 38
      By 2036, tourist visitations and expenditures grow by 90 per cent.
    • Target 39
      By 2036, alternative ways to measure economic well-being are commonly used to support sustainability principles in decision-making.
  • Meaningful work

    Through their work, all Calgarians have the opportunity and working conditions to contribute to their own and their community’s economic and social well-being in a personally meaningful way.

    • Target 40
      By 2036, full employment of the labour force (defined as unemployment below five per cent) is sustained.
    • Target 41
      By 2036, the high school graduation rate for individuals up to age 21 increases to 95 per cent, and 75 per cent of adults aged 21 to 25 complete a post-secondary or vocational education program.
    • Target 42
      By 2036, 95 per cent of entrants in trades-related programs complete their programs and 98 per cent of graduates are employed in their fields of study within six months of graduation.
    • Target 43
      By 2036, all adult immigrants to Calgary have the opportunity to integrate into the economy through employment or entrepreneurial activity at the same participation or success rate as other Calgarians.
    • Target 44
      By 2036, 85 per cent of employees express a high degree of job satisfaction.
    • Target 45
      By 2036, healthy seniors have the opportunity to be engaged in fulfilling work that contributes to the economy and/or the community.
  • Sufficient income

    All Calgarians have sufficient income and other resources to meet their current and future needs and to provide for healthy lives.

    • Target 46
      By 2036, 95 per cent of all people living in Calgary are at or above Statistics Canada’s Low-income Cut-off (LICO) rates; there is no child poverty.
    • Target 47
      By 2036, all children of low-income families who are residents of Calgary have the opportunity to complete post-secondary education or appropriate training to enable them to fully participate in the economy.