What is imagineCALGARY?

imagineCALGARY is an award winning initiative that represents the voice of 18,000 Calgarians. Together, we created a shared vision for our city and a detailed plan for how to get there. Through a focus on 114 targets in five interrelated systems, the Plan puts all Calgarians on a shared path towards urban sustainability in the 21st century. It truly is imagination into action and you are invited to be a part of it.

The Vision

For thousands of years, people have met at the confluence of two vital rivers to imagine and realize their futures. Together, we have built a city of energy, born of a powerful convergence of people, ideas and place. 

It is our vision that with purpose, drive and passion, Calgary will be a model city, one that looks after the needs of today’s citizens and those to come.

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The Plan

Calgarians developed a blueprint for a sustainable future when they created the imagineCALGARY Plan for Long Range Sustainability. Developed with input from more than 18,000 community members, the Plan represents the largest community visioning and consultation process of its kind anywhere in the world.

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About Us

By answering 5 simple questions, 18,000 Calgarians created a shared vision for the future of this city. Every day, people are living that future into reality through a variety of voluntary activities that contribute to making Calgary a great city for all. We are a movement comprised of engaged citizens, community groups, non-profits, businesses and public institutions each taking on what we feel most responsible for and passionate about for the betterment of Calgary.

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