imagineCALGARY Report and Action Summit on the Natural Environment

One of the priorities for the imagineCALGARY Partnership over the last year has been to develop a process to track progress towards the long term goals and targets in the imagineCALGARY long range sustainability plan.  A Measurement Design team made up of experts in sustainability measurement has served in an advisory capacity to the iC secretariat and Stewardship group on this measurement process. The group chose to use the natural environment system as the first report before developing a progress report for the full plan. Working with one of the smaller systems in the iC plan provided the opportunity to prototype the reporting process for the larger complex plan.

In order to manage the complexity of the plan, the team chose to use priority indicators for the system rather than identifying an indicator for each of the 114 targets in the plan. In this way, the priority indicators serve as markers of progress that are in spirit of the long term targets and the intent of the plan.  Criteria were established for the priority indicators which included relate-ability of the indicators, data quality, potential for partner contribution, and data availability. Capturing the collective impact – the work of the iC partners - was deemed an important aspect of tracking progress towards the imagineCALGARY plan. The prototype report includes 9 priority indicators alongside community contributions. 

imagineCALGARY continually sought the input of the community in the decision around the development of the indicators. Small subject-matter expert sessions were held to identify a long list of possible indicators. Subsequently, a community check-in event was held on November 1st 2013 at which the community provided further input on the priority indicators. Approximately 75 people participated in this event. The community’s voice continues to be important principle for imagineCALGARY, given the participatory nature on which the plan was developed. Input from The City of Calgary administration was also sought.

The Report on the Natural Environment was presented to the imagineCALGARY community during the Action Summit in April 2014 and used by the community as a dialogue tool to generate key themes and interests for the natural environment. In this way, the measurement methodology has served as an engagement mechanism to generate priority indicators for the natural environment as well as to identify key interests in the environment.  After the summit, a summary of the results were circulated to City Council.

Download the imagineCALGARY Report on the Natural Environment

Download the imagineCALGARY Action Summit on the Natural Environment Summary Report