Ecological Footprint Calculator for Schools

The Calgary Board of Education, in collaboration with the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary, developed an Ecological Footprint Calculator for K-12 Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions (EcoFootprint Calculator). The project team applied for and received funding for the project from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, educationmatters, and TD Canada Trust.

The EcoFootprint Calculator was developed as an interactive calculator, in spreadsheet form, by Anielski Management. It is based on an existing, successful tool created by EPA Victoria in Australia, and is the only one of its kind in North America.

The tool focuses on inputs that the occupants have control over such as daily commuting, business commuting, purchasing, recycling, etc.   It will measure both the ecological and carbon footprint of a school or building and is not geared toward measuring the footprint of individual people.  The tool is intended to be part of a social marketing program that will raise staff/student awareness of their collective ecological and carbon footprint and in turn, influence behaviour to reduce those respective footprints.

100 Year Goals and Targets


Target 1
By 2036, 75 per cent of Calgarians report that they are informed.
Target 3
By 2036, Calgarians increase their use of communications technology to support sustainability.
Target 11
By 2036, over 50 per cent of Calgary businesses adopt a protocol for sustainable practices and report on it regularly.
Target 13
By 2036, all Calgarians consume more responsibly.
Target 22
By 2036, we reduce the annual private vehicle kilometres travelled per capita by 20 per cent.
Target 31
By 2036, 85 per cent of the waste generated within Calgary is diverted from landfills.


Target 67
By 2036, energy consumption is reduced by 30 per cent based on 1999 use.


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