Bi-fold bike safety cards

We printed and distributed 21,000 bi-fold bike safety cards.  The cards were worded and designed by CAN-Bike cycling instructors, and provide great input for safe cycling.  We have distributed these cards to the City of Calgary Police, City of Calgary Transportation department, BikeBridge in Lethbridge, Edmonton Bicycle Commuter Society, ATB, AMA, Red Deer Bicycle Commuters, Councillor Mulder at the City of Red Deer, and we gave 4000 to BikeCalgary to distribute to various bike shops in Calgary.  


 There are three Es to most things in life; engineering, education, and enforcement.  All cycling infrastructure is part of the solution, and is the engineering component in this E.  We at Alberta Bike Swap are providing the education component to support cycling infrastructure.  

100 Year Goals and Targets


Target 5
By 2036, 30 per cent of Calgary’s energy derives from low-impact renewable sources.
Target 22
By 2036, we reduce the annual private vehicle kilometres travelled per capita by 20 per cent.
Target 25
By 2036, there is a 50 per cent reduction from 1990 levels in the pollution (greenhouse gases) associated with automobiles.
Target 26
By 2036, we increase peak period transit, walking and cycling and carpool travel to downtown by 50 per cent, 40 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.
Target 29
By 2036, the number of on-street bikeways increases by 200 per cent, and the number of pathways by 100 per cent.

Recent Milestones

Distribution of Bike Safety Cards


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