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Community Development
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Our Mission

Sustainability Resources Ltd is dedicated to building the capacity of municipalities, industry, professionals, academics, and other organizations to participate in sustainability planning and implementation.

Our Philosophy

At Sustainability Resources Ltd, we deliver our services with the philosophy of facilitating partnerships for sustainability and we act as supporting agents to the diverse sustainability initiatives and efforts across Alberta.

We facilitate the development of relationships between communities and key stakeholders.
We increase the knowledge and skill capacity of communities and Sustainability Professionals through education and training.

Our Associates

Sustainability Resources is comprised of a consortium of Resource Associates (sustainability professionals) that work with us to develop and deliver curriculum streams in sustainable community planning, water management, governance, policy development, and corporate sustainability.

Our Board

Our Board provides general governance oversight, business management support and championship of our project streams. Our Board is comprised of working Professionals who have demonstrated leadership and experience with non-profit management, industry, politics, education, and marketing and communications.